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A Guide to the European Market for Medicinal Plants and Extracts  

Size: unspecified
Categories: Agriculture, Economic Affairs: Trade

ISBN No: 978-0-85092-661-3

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 01-2001
Number of Pages: 130

Status: Out of print

Price: £ 15.00    [Currency converter]  


Despite the growth in the consumption of plant-based medicines and health foods around the world, the Commonwealth’s share of the trade in medicinal herbs and extracts is still small. This handbook is designed to help businessmen and women understand the working of the international market in medicinal herbs and extracts, to give them a better chance of tapping into this growing market.


1. Introduction and definitions
2. The structure of the European Market
3. Country profiles
4. Regulatory issues
5. Protected plants
6. Good agricultural practices
7. Organic and non-organic medicinal plants
8. Good manufacturing practices
9. Processing of medicinal plants
10. Product profiles