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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Reference Report 2005: Malta, 25-27 November 2005  

Size: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
Categories: Commonwealth & Global Affairs

ISBN No: 978-09546572-4-6

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 11-2005
Number of Pages: 230

Status: Out of print

Price: £ 35.00    [Currency converter]  


Published for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2005 and for each bi-annual meeting, this title is written by Commonwealth experts and presents current thought and pertinent analysis on Commonwealth issues and challenges. In-depth articles and case studies over 230 pages focus, among others, on themes of good governance, the environment, human potential, powering for growth, financing for development and networking for development - the theme of the 2005 meeting. It is published with the ultimate goal of strengthening co-operation between government and business and facilitating the efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Published by Henley Media Group in association with the Commonwealth Secretariat.


Message of welcome


Good Governance, Peace and Prosperity


  • Strengthening development and democracy through partnership and prosperity
  • Achieving MDGs in the midst of poverty and violent conflicts
  • Gender equality: critical to achieving peace, security and development
  • Ending hunger: a serious investment in peace and prosperity
  • Overcoming the constraints of small states: governance and macroeconomic policies
  • Guidelines for public financial management reform: a Commonwealth strategy to achieve the MDGs
  • A corridor for land-locked states


Networking the Commonwealth for development


  • A Commonwealth digital divide – opportunities and threats
  • ICTs for sustainable development: the Commonwealth Action Programme to bridge the digital divide
  • Special Feature Sustainable telecoms growth in Africa: creating lean and profitable telcos
  • The African Development Bank’s support for ICTs for development
  • Special Feature Investment opportunities in the telecommunications sector in Nigeria
  • E-governance comes of age in the Commonwealth
  • Malta’s transition to e-government: a reference for islands and small states


People at the Heart of Development


  • HIV/AIDS in the Commonwealth
  • The sidelining of sexual and reproductive health services
  • Migration of health workers: the policy challenge
  • Women’s equality: the path to the MDGs
  • The need to accelerate global literacy efforts: practical steps in the UN Literacy Decade
  • Education in Africa: innovations and challenges
  • Special Feature Science and technology education: fuelling opportunities for development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Special Feature Enhancing the process of learning in developing countries
  • Special Feature When African children learn to learn
  • Including rural people in education: an urgent necessity for African development
  • Learning from Asia: tertiary education for global prosperity
  • Special Feature The globalization of higher education: a case study from Northumbria University
  • Sport for development and peace
  • Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games – continuing the tradition of the ‘Friendly Games’
  • Sp