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Labour Markets in Small Developing States  

Edited by Andrew S Downes, Professor of Economics and University Director, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies, Barbados.

Andrew S Downes (Editor)

Size: 240 mm x 156 mm
Categories: Economic Development, Small States

ISBN No: 978-0-85092-871-6

Format: Paperback|  E-book

Publication Date: 08-2008
Number of Pages: 136

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‘It is very refreshing to see another excellent publication tackling a subject matter that has been in the sights of the Commonwealth Secretariat (ComSec) for a good many years.’ - Island Studies Journal - Vol. 3, No. 2, November 2008, p.275-277


Read the full review at http://www.islandstudies.ca/sites/islandstudies.ca/files/ISJ-3-2-2008-Book%20Reviews_0.pdf


Recent studies of the economic growth and development process have emphasised the critical role of human development. For small developing countries the existence of limited natural resources means that emphasis must be placed on human resources development (HRD) in national development strategy formulation. Through education and training (and health and nutrition), HRD can overcome imbalances in the labour market.


This book explores the approaches to this challenge adopted by governments of smaller states across the world and considers the effectiveness of the particular strategies adopted. It also explores the role of labour migration, particularly the emigration of skilled labour, in this process.


The book will be of value to national economic planners, labour market economists, and all those who seek to ensure the successful development of the economies of the world’s smaller states.




About the Contributors



Chapter 1: Labour Markets and Human Resource Development in the Caribbean Andrew S Downes


Chapter 2: Migration and Commonwealth Small States: The Case of Teachers and Nurses Roli Degazon-Johnson


Chapter 3: Pacific Islands Labour Market: Issues and Challenges Mahendra Reddy


Chapter 4: Labour Markets and Human Resources Development in the Small States of Africa and the Indian Ocean

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