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Commonwealth Governance Handbook 2012/13: Democracy, development and public administration  

Size: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
Categories: Commonwealth & Global Affairs, Public Sector Development

ISBN No: 978-1-908609-04-5

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 01-2013
Number of Pages: 336

Status: In stock

Price: £ 49.95    [Currency converter]  


Commonwealth Governance Handbook is the comprehensive guide to public sector reform and innovation in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Secretariat, through its Governance and Institutional Development Division (GIDD), helps countries deliver ‘Just and Honest Government’: the core Commonwealth value that underpins democracy and development.

Commonwealth Governance Handbook brings together the knowledge and experience of the Secretariat and related agencies such as the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM). This edition covers:

  • Commonwealth assistance: ‘best fit’ rather than ‘best practice’ governance solutions
  • Key governance functions; regional and global challenges
  • Political-administrative and state-civil society relations
  • Leadership and innovation in the public sector: CAPAM and United Nations award winners
  • Women in political leadership
  • ICTs for governance and transparency
  • Environmental governance: land, oceans and climate change.

The publication also contains 54 governance profiles of member countries, as well as progress on the Millennium Development Goals and other indicators.

Published for the Commonwealth Secretariat by Nexus Strategic Partnerships


Foreword Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma
Public administration: critical for democracy, development – and happiness Max Everest-Phillips

Governance – the Commonwealth context
Governance and the impact of the Commonwealth Max Everest-Phillips, with contributions from David Waung and Vijay Krishnarayan
The litmus test of governance: progress on achieving the MDGs in the Commonwealth Economic Affairs Division, Commonwealth Secretariat
Promoting equitable governance in the Commonwealth Esther Eghobamien
Why civil society matters for improving governance Duncan Green
Social media, democracy and good governance Tim Unwin
Reflecting both sides of the coin: The importance of gender-responsive budgets Jo-Ann Sneddon
Reinventing trust: the political-administrative interface in Caribbean small states Joan Nwasike
Governance in the Caribbean: challenges and prospects Wendy C Grenade
Governance in vulnerable small states: Commonwealth assistance to hurricane-ravaged Grenada Pauline Campbell

The Commonwealth in action
m-Government Naveed Somani
ICTs for open governance Katherine Kirkby
Strengthening governance in Sierra Leone Nicholas Broadbridge
Institutional capacity development Mohammad Jasimuddin
Strengthening political integrity and stability in Solomon Islands Mose Saitala
The challenges of successfully implementing anti-corruption hotlines Roger Koranteng
Upholding democracy through electoral observation, networking and technical assistance Democracy Section, Commonwealth Secretariat (Political Affairs Division)
Root and branch: the UK and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Andrew Tuggey
Challenges and opportunities for local government in the Commonwealth Carl Wright
Professional journalism and democratic deficits in the Commonwealth Chris Cobb
The importance of taxation in the Commonwealth Tutu Bakwena
Improving accountability: Strengthening public audit across the Commonwealth David Goldsworthy

Women and political leadership: are men ready for the future? Purna Sen
Unlocking the budget’s development impact: The role of citizen-led accountability initiatives
Caroline Poirrier
Leading public service innovation in the Commonwealth John Wilkins
The UN Public Service Awards: Commonwealth winners from 2012
Advocating for public service innovation: The CAPAM International Innovations Award David Waung

The wider picture
‘A trusted partner’ – but what is trust? Geoffrey Hosking
Truth commissions as a tool of transitional justice: Lessons from Kenya Gabrielle Lynch
Governance and land: a view from Kenya Wafula Luasi Nabutola
A new approach to ocean governance: Practical ways to fast-track the green economy Janet Strachan and Julian Roberts
After Durban: is it still possible to govern the climate? Farhana Yamin
Overspend? Late? Failure? What the data says about IT project risk in the public sector Alexander Budzier and Bent Flyvbjerg
How might open data contribute to good governance? Tim Davies

Commonwealth Member Countries
54 country profiles

Key indicators on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Geography and population
Information and Communication Technology
Transparency International CPI: index of perceived public-sector corruption, 2011

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