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Educational Planning and Management in Small States: Concepts and Experiences  
Charles J Farrugia (Author), Godfrey Baldacchino (Author)

Series name: Challenge of Scale Series

Size: A5 (210 mm x 148 mm)
Categories: Education, Education in Small States, Small States

ISBN No: 978-0-85092-729-0

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 2002
Number of Pages: 306

Status: Out of print

Price: £ 85.00    [Currency converter]  


This book presents the critical reflections of eighteen senior working officials working in twelve small states on the management and planning of education. Their comments are driven by the insights they gained as adult participants in a unique post-graduate programme at the University of Malta devised by, and for, the distinct small-scale imagination.


The first part of the book deals with educational management issues, addressing the education process from an internal operational perspective. (Total Quality Management, staff recruitment and appraisal, job satisfaction, stress management and the multi-functionality of incumbents are key considerations.) The second section looks at educational planning. It considers the influence and role of educational planning in general, and looks at particular challenges to teaching staff, school-business linkages, and those presented by primary, secondary, vocational and adult education.


The editors of this book are both academic members of staff at the University of Malta.


1. Introducing this book by Godfrey Baldacchino
2. Rewards and Tribulations of Senior Education Managers in Small States by Charles J. Farrugia
3. Issues in Human Resource Management for Small States: A Tonga perspective by Salote Puniani Austin

4. Considering Total Quality Management for Schools in Malta by Anthony DeGiovanni
5. Total Quality Management for St Lucia’s Primary Schools by Peter Joseph
6. Effective Time Management for Multifunctional Principals in Primary Schools: Insights from the Maldives by Abdulla Ismail
7. Selecting Public Secondary School Teachers in Cyprus by Klelia Sourmeli-Skotinou
8. A Principal Education Officer as a Multifunctional Administratior and Mnager in Botswana by Melton Basinah Bangale
9. Towards a Performance Appraisal Scheme for Teachers and Headteachers in the Maldives by Ahmed Ali Didi
10. Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Coping Actions among Cyprus Headteachers by Demetrios Englezakis

11. Research and Databases for Effective Planning: Focus on Malta by Raymond Camilleri
12. Structures and Expertise for Educational Planning: Insights from Vanuatu by Joe Jesse Dick
13. Planning the Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in the Seychelles by Christian Cafrine
14. Teachers and the Challenges of the New Professionalism: A Samoan Perspective by Epenesea Lafi Esera
15. Diagnosing the Failure of a Technical and Vocational Education Initiative in St Kitts-Nevis by John E. White
16. Partnership between Technical Education and the Business Community in the Seychelles by Jean Andre Alcindor
17. Reforming Culture? A Change Management Proposal from the Educational System in Antigua and Barbuda by Lesroy Alstyn Merchant
18. Decentralising Education in St Lucia by Marcus Edward
19. Curricular Reform in Seychelles Secondary Schools by Selby Dora
20. Lifelong Education in Cyprus by Iacovos Perperis
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